Saturday, 29 June 2019

Raw mango sweet chunda-kaccha aam chunda

kaccha aam chunda


half kg raw mango 300 gm sugar1 tsp roasted cumin powder½ tsp chilli powder

Method : how to make raw mango chunda :

1 - Remove the cover of the mango and grate it.
2 - Take greater raw mango and sugar in a pan.
3 - Cook it in medium flame.
4 - Cook it till it become string consistency.
5 - It takes 12 to 15 minutes for cooking.
6 - After it comes to string consistency, add cumin & red chilli powder in it.
7 - Take it in a bowl and serve it. You can serve it with roti, paratha, naan or puri.
8 - You can store it in air tight container for many month.

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Instant summer drinks-instant beverage

instant summer drinks
Ingredients :  

Blueberry, mango and mix fruit crush
Soaked basil (sabja) seeds
Vanilla ice cream

Method : How to make 

1 - Take half measurement of Sprite and half measurement of juice for drinks. Beat it properly.
2 - Take ¼ glass of crush & 3/4 glass of Sprite. Beat it properly.
3 - Arrange 1 tbsp socked basil seeds in each glass. Pour drinks over it.
4 - Add 1 scoop of ice cream in each glass and serve.

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Fruit punch-fruit juice-healthy juice

fruit punch


Green apple

Method:how to make fruit punch

1 - Remove the cover and seeds of all fruits. Cut fruits in small pieces.
2 - Take all fruits in a blender jar, blend it and make it smooth.
3 - Pour fruit juice in a pan, add honey in it as per your taste. Mix it properly.
4 - Take 2 glass, add some fruit pieces in glasses. Pour juice over it & serve.

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orange sweet-santra ki mithai

orange sweet


5 orange's juice
4 tbsp dry coconut powder
2 tbsp cornstarch
2 tbsp sugar

Method:how to make orange sweet

1 - Pour orange juice in a bowl. Add cornstarch in it and mix it properly. Make a smooth batter.
2 - Pour orange juice in a pan. Heat it in medium flame & stir it continuously.
3 - When orange juice become thick add coconut powder in it.
4 - It takes 10-12 minutes for cooking in slow medium flame.
5 - Grease a tray, then add orange batter in it. Spread it properly & sprinkles coconut powder over it. Freeze it for 2 hours.
6 - After 2 hour cut it in pieces and serve.

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Kakara Pitha-Odisha Special sweet-odisha cuisine

Kakara Pitha / Odissa Specia


2 bowl semolina
1 bowl sugar
½ bowl grated coconut
½ bowl wheat flour
½ bowl curd paneer
10/12 cashew nuts
½ tsp green cardamom powder
½ tsp salt

Method : How to make Kakara Pitha:

1 - Take 5 bowl water for 2 cup semolina. Pour water in a pan, add sugar and salt in it ,then heat it.
2 - Add curd paneer, cashew nuts, coconut powder and green cardamom powder in hot water. Mix it properly.
3 - When water started boiling add semolina step-by-step in it. Stir it continuously.
4 - Then add wheat flour & mix it properly. Close the flame and cool it for half an hour.
5 - Then grease a plate and take the semolina dough in it. Take some drops of ghee in palm and knead the dough properly.
6 - Make round shape balls in dough, flatten it & cut it in round shaped cutter. Make all in same process.
7 - Heat oil in medium flame, add kakara in hot oil. Fry it till it turns to light golden brown colour.
8 - Then take it in plate and serve.

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Traditional falooda-refreshing cold beverage

traditional falooda

Ingredients :

½ litre milk
5 tbsp vermicelli
3/4 drop liquid lemon yellow food colour.
2 tbsp soaked basil (sabja) seeds
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp mixed fruit crush
Dry fruits
Vanilla ice cream
Ice cubes made with fruit crush

Method : How to make falooda

1 - Boil milk, add 1 tbsp sugar in it. When milk started boiling, boil it for 4-5 minute in slow flame. Then close the flame and when it comes to room temperature at mix food crush in it and beat it properly.
2 - Heat one glass water and add 1 tbsp sugar in it. When water started boiling add vermicelli & liquid lemon yellow food colour 2-3 drops in it. Boil for 4-5 minute in medium flame and then cool it.
3 - Arrange falooda in glasses. Take 1 tbsp soaked basil seeds in each glass. Add 2 tbsp boil vermicelli over basil seeds. Then add some dry fruits.
4 - Then pour mixed fruit flavoured milk over it. Add mix fruit jam.
5 - Add ice cream one scoop & dry fruits.
6 - Decorate with mix fruit ice cubes and serve.

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Raw mango-kachhe aam upma-without onion garlic

Raw mango/kachhe aam upma

Ingredients :

200 gram semolina (Suji)
1 raw mango
Four green chilli
1 in piece grated ginger
1 tsp split chickpeas (chana dal)
1 tsp black gram (urad dal)
½ tsp red chili powder
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp dry fenugreek (kasuri methi)
Curry leaves
1 tbsp sugar
Salt as per taste

Method : How to make

1 - Heat a pan in medium flame, add 2 tbsp oil in it. Then add semolina in hot oil,cook it till it turns to light golden brown colour. It takes 3 to 4 minute in medium flame for cooking. After cook take semolina in a plate.
2 - Again pour 4 tbsp oil in pan. Add urad dal (black lentil), chana dal (yellow peas), curry leaves, fenugreek leaves, and dry masala powder in hot oil. Stir it for some second.
3 - Then add grated ginger and green chilli in it. Cook it for 1 minute.
4 - Add greater raw mango and salt. Cook it for 2 minute in slow flame.
5 - Pour 2½ measurement of water in it. 2½ bowl water for 1 bowl semolina. Add sugar and salt as per your taste.
6 - When water started boiling add semolina step-by-step and continuously stir it. It takes 2 to 3 minute in medium flame for become thick.
7 - When it become thick, add coriander leaves in it. Mix it properly. Take it in a plate and serve with chutney or sauce.
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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Eggless Blackberry cake-eggless Jamun cake-jamun pastry

Eggless Blackberry cake/Jamun cake

Ingredients :

1 kg India BlackBerry/Jamun
250 gm sugar

For cake :

4 cup refined flour
1 cup sugar
½ cup milk powder
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ cup clarified butter (ghee)
2-3 drop vanilla essence

Method: How to make

1 - Take blackberry fruits in a pan add sugar in it, cover it and cook it in slow flame for 3-4 minutes.
2 - After 4 minutes mix it properly, again cover returned cook for 3-4 minute in medium flame.
3 - When blackberry become soft, close the flame and cool it.
4 - After comes to room temperature remove the seeds of the berries.
5 - Take the pulp in a blender jar, blend it and make a fine paste.

6 - Take refined flour, milk powder, sugar and curd in a bowl.
7 - Mix lukewarm milk step-by-step and make a smooth batter.
8 - Then add clarified butter (ghee) in it. Cover the batter and keep aside for 20 minutes.
9 - After 20 minutes add baking soda, baking powder and vanilla essence in batter, again beat it properly for 2 to 3 minutes.
10 - Preheat oven for 10 minutes in 180 degree.

11 - Grease a baking pan and add butter paper in it. Pour batter in baking pan, bake it for 25 to 30 minutes.
12 - Beat whipped cream for 20 to 25 minutes, till it become thick.
13 - When cake comes to room temperature divide the cake in middle.
14 - Add whipped cream and blackberry pulp. Add the cake over it.
15 - Cover the cake with whipped cream.
16 - Take blackberry pulp in a cone. Cut the front side of the cone. Make some designs over cake.
17 - Decorate with BlackBerry. Then cut it in pieces and serve.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Medu vada-without onion garlic-south indian cuisine

Medu vada/without onion garlic

Ingredients :

2 cup urad dal (black gram)
1 inch piece ginger
5-6 green chilli
Coriander leaves
Curry leaves
Salt as per taste

How to make batter for vada :

Soak urad dal (black gram) for 4/5 hours. Then blend it and make a smooth batter. Cover the batter & keep it aside for 5-6 hours. After this process your medu vada batter is ready for making.

Method : How to make medu vada

1 - Add grated ginger, salt coriander leaves, curry leaves in urad dal (black gram) batter.
2 - Beat the batter for 2 minutes .
3 - Heat oil in medium flame. Take 2 tsp batter in palm. Make it round shape and make a hole in the middle part of the batter. Then add it in lukewarm oil.
4 - Make all the vada in same process.
5 - Fry the vada till it turns to light golden brown colour.
6 - When it changes its colour take all vada in a plate & serve it with chutney or sauce.

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Oreo mango fudge-mango dessert

Oreo mango fudge

Ingredients :

4 ripe mango pulp
1 small packet Oreo biscuits
4 tbsp milk powder
1 small bowl sugar
1 tbsp cornstarch

Method : How to make

1 - Make pieces in Oreo biscuit.
2 - Pour ½ cup water in cornstarch mix it properly and make a smooth batter.
3 - Take mango pulp and sugar in a pan. Heat it.
4 - When mango pulp is lukewarm add milk powder in it and mix it properly.
5 - Boil mango pulp for 3/4 minutes in slow flame and then add cornstarch batter in it.
6 - Again cook it for 3-4 minutes till it become thick.
7 - Then close the flame and cool it for 15 to 20 minutes
8 - After 20 minutes add Oreo pieces in mango pulp & mix it properly.
9 - Grease a plate, pour mango batter in it.
10 - Spread it over plate. Freeze it for 2 hour.
11 - After 2 hour cut it in pieces.
12 - Now mango Oreo fudge is ready for serving.

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Sweet mango sticks-sweet mango snacks

Sweet mango sticks

Ingredients :

5 ripe mango's pulp
250 gm refined flour
Pinch of soda
6 tbsp refind oil
half tsp salt
8 tsp suger powder
½ tsp cardamom powder

Method : How to make

1 - Take refined flour in a plate.
2 - Add soda, salt, cardamom powder and sugar in it.
3 - Add oil in it. Rub it properly.
4 - Then add mango pulp in it, knead it for 2 minute.
5 - Then cover it and keep aside for 20 minutes.
6 - After 20 minutes roll it in a rolling pin. Make a ½ cm thick roti.
3 - Cut it lengthwise.
4 - Then fry it in lukewarm oil. After 2 minutes change it's side.
5 - Fry it till it turns to light golden brown color.
6 - Then take mango sticks in plate.
6 - It is very tasty and crispy. You can store it in airtight container for many days.

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