Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Rakhi special sweet recipe-4 types of Barfi-Without mawa paneer barfi-Burfi recipe-Rakshabandhan special sweet

 It is a barfi recipe of without paneer and Mawa.I am trying to make it with minimum ingredients. Most of the Indian sweets made in dairy product. It is a barfi without milk Mawa ot paneer. I add ½ bowl milk powder in it. It is also optional you can add it or skip it.

How to make :

• Heat a pan in medium flame, add 1 cup clarified butter in it.
• Then add  2 cup refined flour and ½ cup gram flour in lukewarm clarified butter.
• Fix 1 cup for measurement.
• Cook it in slow medium flame till flour turns to light golden brown colour .
• Continuously stir it in slow medium flame.
• It takes 7 to 8 minutes in slow medium flame for properly cooking.
•Take 2 cups sugar for making sugar syrup Ina pan and add 1 cup water in it.
• We don't need thick or string consistency sugar syrup for this barfi.
• When sugar will properly melt in water and it started boiling then boil sugar syrup for 2 minutes in slow flame.
• Then add cooked flour step by step in sugar syrup, stir it continuously in slow flame till it comes to thick consistency.
• This sweets dough consistency should be a little bit thin then halwa.
• Stir it continuously in slow flame.
• After 2 minutes add ½ cup milk powder, adding milk powder is a optional.
• Mix it properly.
• Then close the flame and add half tsp green cardamom powder in it. 
• Base dough is ready for making flavoured sweet.

For making mango burfi :

• Pour 2 medium size mango pulp in a pan.
• Then add 1 bowl sweet base in it.
• Stir it in continuously in slow medium flame till become thick.
• Grease a plate.
• Pour hot batter in it plate and spread it uniformly.
• Add small pieces of dry fruits over it and press it.
• Leave the plate for two hour for set the burfi.

For making pineapple flavoured barfi :

• Add 2 tbsp pineapple crush in 1 bowl sweet base.
• Add pinch of yellow food colour and mix all ingredients properly.
• Adding food colour is optional, you can add it or skip it.
• But food colour makes the sweet beautiful.
• Pour batter in a grease plate, spread uniformly.
• Tips to be noted that every time pour batter in a grease plate.
• Add dry fruits.
• Leave it for two hour.

For making pista barfi : 

• Add pinch of green food colour with 1 bowl sweet base and mix it properly.
• If you have pista flavour essence, then add it.
• Pour batter in a grease plate, spread uniformly.
• Garnish with pista pieces .
• Leave it for two hour.

For making chocolate flavoured Barfi :

• Add 1 tsp cocoa powder in 1 bowl sweet base.
• Don't add too much of cocoa powder, rather than it taste will bitter.
• After mixing properly pour batter in a grease plate and Spread uniformly.
• Garnish with choco chips and leave it for two hour.
• After 2½ hour cut all the Barfi In pieces, then take it in a plate and enjoy.

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