Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Chhena poda recipe-Chocolate chhena poda-Odisha chhena poda

This is a recipe of chhena poda, a famous sweet of Odisha state. I am trying to make a new chhena poda with adding chocolate. Chhena poda sweet is white in colour. But adding chocolates in paneer change it's colour.

I just tried to present it in a new way. The process of making this sweet is very easy because it is a without oven recipe.

Once in a get together I made chocolate chhena poda for my friends. They all liked it and told me for adding the recipe in my blog. 

Ingredients :
2 litre milk
2 tbsp vinegar + 2 tbsp water
4 tbsp semolina
1 small bowl or 8 tbsp sugar
2 tsp clarified butter
2 tbsp choco chips
1 tbsp cocoa powder

How to make :

• Boil 2 litre milk for making Paneer.
• Mix 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 tbsp water in a bowl.
• When milk started boiling pour vinegar mix in milk.
• Stir milk continuously 
• You can make paneer with lemon juice also, but first mix same quantity of lemon juice and water in a bowl then add it in milk.
• When paneer and water separate close the flame and leave it for sometimes.
• Add 1 kg salt in a pan spread uniformly, add a stand over salt and cover the pan in slow flame for 10 minutes.
• Strain paneer in strainer and take it in a plate.

• Add 2 tbsp semolina and 1 bowl sugar in paneer and mix it properly.
• You can take sugar as per your taste.

• Don't rub it more, just mix it roughly.
• Then add 2 tbsp ghee and mix it.
• Then divide the Paneer in 2 part.
• Add 2 tbsp choco chips in 1 part and mix it.
• Take some pieces of dark chocolate and melt it.
• We can melt chocolate in double boiler system or in microwave.
 • Add 1 tbsp cocoa powder and melted chocolate in second part paneer and mix it.
• Grease a 5 inch baking pen with ghee.
• Then add a piece of butter paper in pan.

• Butter paper is optional, you can add or skip it.
• Pour choco chips paneer dough in first layer and chocolaty dough in second layer in pan.
• Spread uniformly.

• Now it is ready for baking.
• Keep the baking pan in pre-heat pan.
• Bake for 25 to 30 minutes in slow medium flame.

• After half an hour check it with toothpick.
• When it is Lukewarm take  in a plate.
• Cut it in pieces.

• Now chocolaty chhena poda is ready for serving.
• Must try the recipe.

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